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Customer Obsession
+ AI Engineering Excellence
= Happier Teams

Knode is the secure AI-powered assistant here to empower every team to unlock the best version of itself at work. 

Our Story

The company was founded by a team of serial entrepreneurs and former colleagues with proven track records in data engineering, scientific research, and enterprise data security: Riccardo Pellegrini, the former Head of Product for AWS Data Exchange, Nicholas Horelik, the former Co-Founder and CTO of RapidSOS ($281M raised), and Henry Katz, the former CTO of ($271M raised). 


A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, they decided they were fed up with how hard it was to get answers to even simple questions at work. Figuring out everything from “where’s our latest our sales deck?” to “what is our vacation policy?” required wading through multiple platforms, searching through long documents, and often asking friends, managers, and even CEOs what the correct answers were. This led to countless hours wasted over the course of their careers. Enter the idea for “Knowledge Knode” (since shortened to “Knode”), a platform to find things at work. 


But ‘finding things' was just the start; after conducting interviews with over 150 knowledge economy workers, Ricky, Nick, Henry, and the team quickly realized that the opportunity was much broader.  Almost 20 hours a week of each interviewee’s time were taken up by tasks and workflows that were also automatable so long as you could find the right contextual information. This formed the high level concept for Knode, which now serves as an indispensable tool for teams adopting AI-driven work. By building Knode, our hope is to free people to focus on their most meaningful initiatives, reduce burnout, and elevate performance and happiness at work.

Meet the Founders

Richard Pellegrini

Riccardo Pellegrini

CEO / Cofounder

Head of Product at AWS Data Exchange, VP of Product at RapidSOS, Investment Banking Analyst at Lazard. MBA, Harvard Business School. AB, Harvard College.

Henry Katz

Henry Katz

CTO / Cofounder

CTO at (Big Data/AI/ML, $184M+ raised), VP of Engineering at RapidSOS, Sr. Manager/Architect at Oracle, Sr. Eng. Manager at Acme Packet (acq’d by Oracle for $2.1bn).

Nicholas Horelik

Nicholas Horelik

Chief Scientist / Cofounder

Co-founder/CTO at RapidSOS ($281M raised). PhD in Nuclear Engineering, MIT (thesis on Monte Carlo particle physics simulations on distributed memory supercomputer architectures).

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