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Hit your first response time every time with Slack-based AI assistance for customer teams


Is your team overwhelmed with the continuous cycle of customer support tickets or service requests? Is trying to find answers to questions in real-time taking time away for your experts? Knode is here to revolutionize the speed to service your support team.


Knode’s AI-powered Slack app and Email assistant seamlessly integrate with your knowledge repositories, personalizing, enhancing, and accelerating customer interactions. Say farewell to the tedious repeat questions and liberate your team to focus on delivering exceptional customer experiences and service strategies.


With Knode, your team can access real-time answers to questions, speed up response time, and generate consistent world-class communications, all within the convenience of Slack and Gmail.


See what they're saying 

Lori Dennison
"Knode has been fantastic. I feel more confident that I serve our customers and empowered that I can quickly discover and respond to their needs."

Lori Dennison, Director of Account Management, Hireframe

What you can do with Knode

Suggested integrations:

Google Drive

Explore examples for your customer support, service and experience teams:

  • Create a Customer support bot for your team tied to specific documentation that allows you to help triage questions and save you and your team time.

  • Speed up response time with automatic email draft responses to priority emails that have your calendar and company context.

  • Ask "What are our most recent client service protocols?"

  • Summarize feedback from the latest client notes or transcripts for trends reporting.

  • Write a timeline for a client onboarding process for a new client based on its current status. 

  • Create a knowledge base article explaining a new feature or product update.

  • Generate a service update about the latest client onboarding.

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