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Turbocharge your revenue teams with AI assistance in Slack and email

How many more deals could your team close with 50% more time? With Knode, say goodbye to time-consuming manual work that drains productivity and hello to a sales team that’s free to do what they do best—sell.


Knode is your AI-driven assistant that automates essential but time-consuming tasks such as updating sales decks, scheduling client meetings, and generating insightful reports. Integrated seamlessly into Slack, your CRM, and other knowledge bases, Knode can prep for meetings in one click, provide real-time reporting insights, and even generate automated and personalized follow-up emails, all without leaving your Slack or email.


By leveraging Knode, you're not just speeding up sales processes; you're providing your team with a supercharged environment to close more deals.


See what they're saying 

Justin Leslie EvidentID.png
“Our SDR team is supercharged now they're on Knode. We're seeing higher output than ever thanks to Knode’s email drafts, brainstorming, and content tools.”

Justin Leslie, Director of Sales and GTM, Evident

What you can do with Knode

Suggested integrations:

Google Drive

Explore examples for your BD, sales, and account teams:

  • Wake up to automatic email drafts in your inbox that have the context of your company knowledge and calendar.

  • Create a Sales Bot to answer your reps' most common questions without distracting the team.

  • Ask Knode for a list of new leads since the conference and create personalized follow up for each.

  • Summarize a white paper to send as nurture content to a prospect.

  • Streamline reporting by asking “What’s my projected opportunity revenue for this quarter?”

  • Locate the appropriate file version of your sales deck.

  • Generate a list of objections or wins based on transcripts from recent sales calls.

  • Create new sales battle cards in minutes based on competitor websites and be able to answer “what is our differentiator compared to competitor Y?” 

  • Summarize SLAs or RFP for team members.

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Ready to supercharge your team?

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