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AI-powered solutions for every department

Unleash the potential of AI across your organization. Explore our use cases and schedule a tour to discuss custom workflows.

Remote Teams

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Enable employees across time zones to stay current on what’s happening in your business.

  • Ramp up colleagues faster with AI-powered search that leverages your knowledge sources to answer questions and enrich deliverables.

  • Tasks make sure to-do’s don’t get lost across distributed teams and status updates are shared in real-time.

  • Brainstorm solo with Knode, even when other teammates aren't online.

People Leadership

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Unlock business impact from the top down by enabling your people leaders to automate the tedious parts of their job and have more visibility into their team’s work, allowing more time for coaching and feedback.

  • Tasks streamline and improve existing business processes helping you to understand what you and others accomplished and manage your projects more efficiently.

  • Turn your team into A-players with Knode content creation and communication capabilities - all grounded in your company knowledge and voice.

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High Growth

Write me a press release Knode prompt

Accelerate growth by equipping functions across your company with superpowers to generate business, execute quickly, and win deals.

  • Drive your business forward by creating  deliverables at lightning speed. Write prospecting plans, sales battle cards, e-mail sequences, and press releases in minutes.

  • Ideate faster and unblock your team with brainstorming against external and internal knowledge-based sounding boards

  • Assign tasks quickly and easily to ensure your team gets it all done on time.

  • Distill and communicate information faster by summarizing and evaluating RFPs or API documentation for clients.

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Client Services

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Knode task complete

Arm your customer-facing teams with tools to improve accuracy, consistency, and response speed for all client interactions.

  • Generate consistent client communications with automatic customer service responses

  • Find the right information at the right time with question and answers based on Slack conversations as well as your company's approved knowledge base

  • Make sure nothing falls through the cracks with tasks intuited from team conversations

Championed by leaders embracing the era of generative AI

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Adda Birnir CEO of Skillcrush
"Knode has become one of our most-used tools, helping us streamline all kinds of tasks and it feels like we’ve barely scratched the surface of what it can do!"

Adda Birnir, CEO, Skillcrush

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