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Turn knowledge into action across departments 

Unleash the potential of AI across your organization. Explore how Knode can equip your team for an AI-enabled future.


Unlock business impact from the top down by enabling your teams to automate the tedious parts of their job, allowing more asynchronous work across distributed teams.

  • Remove knowledge silos and ramp faster with AI-powered search that leverages your knowledge sources to answer questions and scales your experts.

  • Streamline reporting and monitoring by asking questions and analyzing your business data with Knode.

  • Bring company context to your inbox with auto-drafted email responses that take your calendar and company knowledge into account.


Human Resources

Enable your people leaders, HR operators and benefit coordinators to automate the tedious parts of their job and have more time for strategic work.

  • Create dedicated Benefits and HR bots to alleviate the burden of fielding Tier 1 questions for employees - during onboarding and beyond.

  • Turn your team into A-players and stop reinventing the wheel with Knode’s content creation and communication capabilities - all grounded in your company knowledge and voice.

  • Stop the scheduling and email headaches to buy back precious time with an email assistant connected to your company knowledge and calendar.

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Customer Success

Arm your customer experience, support, and service teams with tools to improve accuracy, consistency, and response speed for all client interactions.

  • Generate consistent client communications with auto-drafted customer email responses connected to your company knowledge and calendar.

  • Find the right information at the right time to reduce first-response time with questions and answers based on Slack conversations as well as your company’s approved knowledge base.

  • Easily find historical conversations and interactions with customers to help surface examples of similar work with lookalike customers and stop reinventing the wheel.

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Business Development

Accelerate growth by equipping your revenue team with superpowers to generate business, execute quickly, and win deals.

  • Be the most responsive team with automatically drafted email response to your most important emails that have the context of your business (to answer client questions) and your calendar (to capture those last minute reschedules)

  • Drive your business forward by creating deliverables at lightning speed. Write RFPs, prospecting plans, sales battle cards, e-mail sequences, and press releases in minutes.

  • Stay on top of your day with meeting prep on demand that takes into account client notes, email communications and web research so they can make the most of every opportunity.

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Information Technology

Modernize internal support for your organization and reduce repetitive tasks and questions that land on your IT team.

  • Create Knode Knowledge bots for IT that can be pointed to the information your IT team already updates

  • Build in workflows to allow employees to take action and escalate questions when needed.

  • Bring company context to your inbox with auto-drafted email responses that take your calendar and company knowledge into account.

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How adoption gets built with Knode

Real time training

Real-time prompt training

Product education and onboarding is delivered directly in Slack when the user needs it with role-based training and product education. Workflow buttons help users discover capabilities and develop prompt engineering skills.

Daily Nudges

Delivered in the places you already work

Knode allows you to perform AI-assisted tasks right where your team already communicates and collaborates - in Slack and Gmail. There's no need for a separate platform or complex setup. 

Personalization for team members

Personalization for every team member

Knode personalizes the experience at scale for your organization. The system learns over time from your team based on in-app feedback, tone examples in Slack and email, and recurring questions to determine what’s important.

video training

Live training and support for your team

Knode provides AI training and education for your employees as needed during onboarding. Your team has access to schedule personalized 1:1 syncs with our support team to walk through use cases and ask questions.

Championed by leaders embracing the era of generative AI

Adda Birnir CEO of Skillcrush
"Knode has become one of our most-used tools, helping us streamline all kinds of tasks and it feels like we’ve barely scratched the surface of what it can do!"

Adda Birnir, CEO, Skillcrush

Ready to supercharge your team?

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