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How a staffing company reduced time spent on service delivery operations by 40% with Knode

Hireframe, a nearshore and offshore staffing agency, found itself challenged by increasing operational complexity due to its rapid growth and the people-heavy nature of being a staffing firm. The team was seeking a solution that would help them streamline their processes, reduce manual tasks, and improve their overall efficiency. This is where Knode came into the picture.

Human Resources Operations Challenge 

Running a successful staffing business means a lot of time is spent on check-ins and follow ups to ensure clients and staff are running smoothly. Their Head of Customer Success was spending 80% of her day in customer meetings, unable to easily find notes on customers and their staffers. Hireframe’s Operation Managers were dealing with pages of meeting note content that needed to be synthesized and reported in a consistent manner. The goal was to find a single solution that could alleviate the operational lift of managing hundreds of people – staffed professionals, internal team members, and external stakeholders like customers – while allowing their team to do more with their conversational data.

Key Features

Hireframe saw immediate value in:

  • Eloquent customer communications with magical drafts in Gmail

  • Faster follow-ups on customer to-dos across their organization with task management

  • Streamlining operations processes with summarization and writing for on-demand meeting note summaries, job descriptions, and more

Reduced Time to Deliver Results

The adoption of Knode brought significant improvements to Hireframe's people operations. The task feature became a primary tool for managing customer to-dos. Most impressively, the time spent on creating job descriptions and reviewing and grading applicant assessments - crucial to a staffing business - was reduced by 40%. The Head of Customer Success, Lori, found Knode vital for enabling quick and efficient retrieval of relevant data for reporting and meeting preparation. In Lori’s words, “Knode has been fantastic. I feel more confident that I can serve our customers and empowered that I can quickly discover and respond to their needs.” Overall, Knode helped accelerate workflows across the Hireframe organization to reduce the time to getting their client’s happily staffed and keeping them that way.

Lori Dennison Director of Account Management Hireframe


Hireframe continues to explore new ways to leverage Knode in their workflows - especially as they grow their team that spans the United States, Philippines, and Mexico. The cofounders Mike Wu and Tyler Rachal are happy to be able to provide a tool to their entire organization that helps accelerate their work-processes. Cofounder of Hireframe Mike Wu feels “Knode has been instrumental in our AI journey to streamline our operations and to improve our entire team’s productivity. It's intuitive, easy to use, and integrates seamlessly with our existing systems. The combination of AI and overseas team members has created a ton of value for our company and customers.” 

Mike Wu CEO and cofounder of Hireframe


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