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Streamline operations with AI-powered enterprise search and automation

Knode is the secure, generative AI assistant to unlock workflow automation across your knowledge sources.

Google Drive Integration
Notion Integration
Slack Integration
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From startups to multibillion-dollar enterprises, Knode unlocks AI-driven productivity

Adda Birnir CEO of Skillcrush
"Knode has become one of our most-used tools, helping us streamline all kinds of tasks and it feels like we’ve barely scratched the surface of what it can do!"

Adda Birnir, CEO, Skillcrush

Knode connects your company’s knowledge to put AI to work for your people and your business

Knode Integrations

Efficiently find answers to critical questions


Create high-quality work deliverables with unprecedented speed


Automate writing and your business workflows

👋 What can Knode help your team achieve today?

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Google Docs Integrations
Google Drive Integration
Notion Integration
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Efficiently find answers to questions across your company

Save hours of back-and-forth by reducing repeat questions and finding answers to your questions in real-time. 

  • Find the latest version of your sales deck, document, or spreadsheet with search connected across your tech stack

  • Pull out the important requirements from documents so you can respond to customers and proposals faster

  • Locate Slack discussions with questions like “When did engineering mention the customer bug?”

Scale your subject matter experts with Knowledge Bots

Remove knowledge silos and unblock tapped resources with specialized subject matter expert bots™ for your most important workflows.

  • Onboard and ramp employees faster with 24/7 bot support

  • Solve repeat question syndrome™ and find answers with references down to the page

  • Still couldn’t find the answer? Triage to the right contact to escalate questions.

Knode Knowledge Bot
Knode Knowledge Bot Disclaimer
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Knode Bot Thinking
Google Drive Integration
Google Calendar Integration
Notion Integration
Knode Email Asssitant and Extension
CEO Email Assistant Woman crossing arms

Get out of your inbox with draft emails written for you

Like a personal assistant, Knode's email assistant helps with drafting emails in your voice, scheduling, and prioritizing responses.

  • Draft new emails with custom prompts that have your tone, company context, and calendar visibility

  • Wake up to automatically drafts email responses on incoming messages

  • Receive a list of prioritized follow-up every morning (and get help tackling them)

Jumpstart deliverables grounded in company knowledge and your voice

Writing content aware deliberables like "Write all-hands summary email in voice of CEO"

Quickly generate new work products like emails, deck outlines, documents, social media posts, or other formats of your choice using your company knowledge in Slack, Drive, and beyond.

  • Use Knode to write content in the your tone or the voice of your colleagues

  • Create net new products with company context, search, and external LLM knowledge

  • Analyze existing documentation or data to understand what’s happening in your company - based on Slack channels or other data

All hands summary email Response
Slack Integration
Google Drive Integration
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Deliver immediate impact. No AI expertise required.

5-Minute Set Up

One-click integration and dedicated customer support ensure a smooth start. One-on-one onboarding sessions as you need.

Where your team is - in Slack and Gmail

Your team can start leveraging Knode's capabilities immediately in a familiar environment—Slack and Gmail—just like chatting and having an executive assistant.

Enterprise-ready and privacy-first

Secure and Compliant Out-of-the-box

Knode is GDPR compliant and in the process of obtaining SOC2 certification.

Strict Permissions Enforcement

Knode only shows users information they already have permission to access in source applications - no need for additional set up. If any permissions change, Knode's results reflect those changes in real-time.


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