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Break down knowledge silos and scale your experts


Are your ops teams juggling multiple balls, from personnel management to compliance checks? Knode is here to take the load off.


Our AI tool automates the tedious tasks that consume half of working hours by connecting to your company’s knowledge stores. Whether it’s streamlining reporting, sending project status updates, or writing emails, Knode can do it all, right within Slack and Gmail. The best part? It’s 100% secure and compliant with industry standards, ensuring your sensitive data remains protected.


Unshackle your operations team from manual labor and empower them to focus on goals that drive business growth.


See what they're saying 

Adda Birnir.png
"Knode has become one of our most-used tools, helping us streamline all kinds of tasks and it feels like we’ve barely scratched the surface of what it can do!"

Adda Birnir, CEO, Skillcrush

What you can do with Knode

Suggested integrations:

Google Drive

Explore examples for your operations team:

  • Wake up to automatic email drafts in your inbox that have the context of your company knowledge and calendar.

  • Create functionally-specific bots to help distribute knowledge based on approved sources and reduce repeat question syndrome.

  • Compose an email in response to a support request that describes a solution to their issue and lists links the relevant resources to troubleshoot.

  • Create a memo on Q3 results to share with executives and board.

  • Write an email to team summarize our AI policy.

  • Ask “What is the operational budget this quarter?”

  • Generate a list of all current vendors and what department uses them.

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