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Accelerate your work without reinventing the wheel

Knode’s Writing Assistant connects with your company's knowledge stack enabling you to write fact-based documents and messages in record time.

Writing and Ideation with
Jumpstart deliverables and export to Drive

Jumpstart deliverables and emails

Power through the blank draft using Knode’s AI assistant to auto-draft emails and quick-start written deliverables. Ready to go? Just hit send or export final products to Google Drive, Confluence, Jira, and more.

Brainstorm with ease

Leverage both company information and external knowledge to come up with brilliant ideas, learn how to apply best practices to your business, and more.

Brainstrom with external and internal sources
Knode Assistant Personal

Chat and iterate with your Knode Assistant

Knode maintains context so you can iterate on your work. Popular prompts can be saved, shared, and reused for future workflows.

Generative AI for the enterprise that your employees will actually use



Where you already work

Easy to set up and use - in Slack and Gmail. 


SOC II (in progress), GDPR compliant, and enterprise-grade permissioning.

Learn more.

Dedicated support

 Upskill and onboard with ease. Learn more.

An AI assistant for your entire team

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