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Deliver knowledge on-demand to your teams

Knode’s Knowledge Bots are customizable bots in your AI assistant that can answer questions against specific documents on-demand and complete workflows for your team.

Knode Knowledge Bot with Integrations
Onboarding Knowledge Bot

Reduce onboarding time by 75%

New joiners can now ask questions directly to knowledge bots and receive accurate answers grounded in validated information. No more combing through convoluted wikis.

Scale subject your matter experts

Instead of answering the same questions over and over again, subject matter experts can set up a knowledge bot, giving their teammates access to answers on-demand, and saving hours per week of wasted work.

Scale Subject Matter Expert Knowledge Bots
Knowledge Bot Feedback and Escalation

Escalate to knowledge owners with custom workflows

Does a response need a next step? Customize disclaimers and workflows to surface knowledge gaps to the appropriate team member and improve and iterate on your knowledge base.

Generative AI for the enterprise that your employees will actually use



Where you already work

Easy to set up and use - in Slack and Gmail. 


SOC II (in progress), GDPR compliant, and enterprise-grade permissioning.

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Dedicated support

 Upskill and onboard with ease. Learn more.

An AI assistant for your entire team

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