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AI-powered help desk for self-service IT support

Image by Tim van der Kuip

Are your IT teams constantly answering tickets with the same recurring questions or service requests? Knode is here to make their lives easier.


Our AI tool allows you to create dedicated knowledge bots and automate the repetitive tasks that consume a significant portion of working hours by connecting to your company’s knowledge stores. Whether it’s self-service answers to repeat questions, automatic draft responses to tickets, or sending system status updates, Knode can handle it, right within Slack and Gmail.


What you can do with Knode

Suggested integrations:

Google Drive

Explore examples for your IT Operations team:

  • Create IT bots to help distribute knowledge based on approved sources and reduce repeat question syndrome.

  • Compose an email in response to a support request that describes a solution to their issue and lists links to the relevant resources to troubleshoot.

  • Create a memo on IT compliance updates to share with executives and board.

  • Write an email to the team summarizing our new AI policy.

  • Generate a list in minutes of all current IT vendors and what department uses them.

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